Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love from Reykjavik

Our lovely girl, Annalisa was back in Iceland this holiday and sent some sweet treats in the mail for me! She is so cute and know how much I loved Iceland and especially the black licorice everything! Whenever I stay at her house in SF, I devour all her treats from home :) Those Icelanders are so brilliant to mix chocolate and black licorice together, it's like my own reoccurring dream come to life! I'm not even big on sweets but I do save myself for these babies. Draumur is my favourite but I have now fallen a bit in love with these little balls, called Bingo. They are hard licorice caramels covered also in chocolate but when you give them time they soften up and are delicious. They are a bit high maintenance but well worth it. She also added in a few bonus items from the Blue Lagoon, which I'm also obsessed with. I can't live without my mineral cream and face mask. I would seriously buy a ticket for a weekend trip to Iceland just to spend 4 hours at the Blue Lagoon.

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