Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Taste of Liguria

While I was in Italy this summer I stayed a week with my cousins on the Italian Riviera (in Liguria) at a place called Pietra Ligure. The beach, the weather and of course the food was all amazing. My cousin, Sergio would make us pasta every other night and usually it was with pesto sauce. I was reluctant at first because sometimes pesto sauce makes my tummy hurt. Over the week together we discovered we had so many of the same reactions to food, it was pretty cool. He's really sensitive to garlic and so often pesto contains a lot of garlic so he buys and eats only this particular pesto sauce "senzo aglio"... which of course means "without garlic". Of course he bought me a jar, at the local daily open markets, which is the only place he buys it too. I brought it back with me to New York and I've been happily eating pesto pasta ever since! I'll have to pick up another jar next time I am there. I made it this night with a simple capellini pasta. I went very light on the sauce because it has a lot of flavour and then a touch of parmesan reggiano on top. I love that I can have a bit of Italy in the comfort of my New York apartment.

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  1. this pesto looks so amazing. i want some! :)


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