Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not So Permanent Brunch

I say that because I give this spot about 4 months before it goes down. The food is so so and the service is worse. I was actually excited about the idea of something different in the East Village and this place is getting quite a lot of attention since it opened a few months ago. I wanted to give it a minute to figure out its menu before trying but still not so good. It's a suprise beccause it's the same owners as Tillmans, a bar in the Flatiron /Chelsea hood that is great. I go there once to twice a week sometimes and have even tried the food, which was good. Since I was especially weary I decided we should just share the fried chicken and waffles, instead of ordering 2 dishes, and sure enough I'm glad we didn't waste anymore money or calories. The entire menu is really heavy, but not done nicely. I would have liked to try more stuff just to see but the waffles were heavy and chewy and not very warm. The fried chickend was actually quite good, but the infamous bacon was just okay. They are known for their bacon menu but this bacon was nothing spectacular. Their bloody mary was quite good and the space is cute but I might too tight, the servers kept knocking into us and dropping everything. Bit of a messy situation.

Permanent Brunch
95 1st Avenue (nr 5th st)
New York, NY

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