Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Soba Cures All

This was officially my first real meal in days. I've been really sick, caught that lovely 24hour stomach flu that seems to be going around. Man, it was brutal, especially for a foodie. I haven't even thought about food for days! I wanted to make my first meal a special and comforting one, so I decided soba was the perfect thing. I stumbled my zombie-ass to Sunrise to pick up a few things I was missing and made my own homemade version. I haven't made hot soba in a while and no one has ever really showed me but somehow it always turns out okay. I put extra green onions and enoki mushroooms (which I love) I bought this amazing fried tofu from Kyoto, which was double the price of the other stuff, but boy was it was worth it! The trick is to finish it off with some freshly ground sesame and shichimi... can't eat soba without it! I feel so much better already.

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