Sunday, February 7, 2010

Turkish Delight

This was probably my first experience eating Turkish food. I've had all kinds of mediterranean varieties which I always love so it was no surprise that I was really into it. This hidden gem is up in little India and is quite the funny experience. It's quite themed and has funny colourful cocktails and very shiny disco balls. Our waiter was direct, and quite funny. There was about 9 of us so it was especially fun for groups. The food was good, yogurt and hummus-like appetisers, can't go wrong! I love anything with yogurt in it. I shared a lamb yogurt dish and grape leaves, both delicious! To us non-Turkish folk this place is great but my friend Serifcan plans to take me to the real deal out in Brighton beach soon, so REALLY looking forward to that!

Turkish Kitchen
386 3rd Avenue
New York, NY

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