Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ando Yes, Morimoto No.

After finding out that restaurant week was still underway I wanted to catch the chance to experience some of top restaurants at a low price. So I asked a foodie friend to arrange a table at Morimoto because I had never been. It was a prix fixe lunch for $24. I thought that's a great deal thinking Morimoto was really expensive. But once we got there we realized that it was the same price as most other things on their regular lunch menu, so none of us ordered the prix fixe. This was my black cod bento box. The cod was good, but tiny... the usual sweet fish in a miso glaze which is hard to mess up. The sushi was decent, but nothing special. The tempura, which was actually quite tasty, came in this nasty cheese sauce instead of the traditional ponzu dipping sauce. As if deep fried fish and vegetables aren't heavy enough! The side salad looked nice but was way too salty and the miso soup was actual just right! It was a lighter tasting miso with a lovely piece or super soft tofu floating in it.

Although I wasn't impressed with the food, the space is pretty great. Actually the main reason in going to Morimoto in the first place was to the see the space. Tadao Ando is my favourite architects and so I was excited to see what he had done with the interior of the restaurant. The walls and ceiling is draped in what looks like concrete made to look like fabric. (although we all agreed that it's plaster not concrete) It's a really cool idea none the less, playing with your mind a bit between hard and soft materials. The seats are super heavy, but very comfortable, making the table experience really good. There are mesh dividers separately the space nicely. Overall it feels white and modern yet warm. The toilets in the washroom are actually the best part of the experience. There's a floor to ceiling infinity mirror backing the toilets. They are filled with cherry blossoms that are suspended in space. It's beautiful! All toilets are wonderful fully automatic WARM Japanese (Toto) toilets! There's nothing like a warm toilet, brings back instant memories of Japan! The bar downstairs was nice too, all lit up blue with leaves suspended in the glass. The seating area for the bar was intensely and carefully lit in red. I might even come back to have a drink sometime.

88 10th Ave
New York, NY
(212) 989-8883

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