Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where Italian-Vancouverites Get Their Prosciutto On!

In preparation of our party, my dad took us too his favourite Italian supermarket, Bosa Foods. It was insane! I thought I died and went to heaven. This massive beautiful store is filled of nothing but Italian food, fresh pasta, meats and cheese! They even have kitchen supplies and Bialetti espresso makers in every size and style! We loaded up on canned tomatoes, way too much cured meat, cheese and many varieties of olives! (among a million other things!) Anna even ordered an cappucino while my dad and I picked out our favourite prosciutto and salami! Of course they slice all the meats perfectly, thin and delicious! And although this place looks like a million bucks, their prices are really reasonable. I was very happy holding my stack of goodies. I'm hungry just thinking about it!

Bosa Foods
1465 Kootenay Street
Vancouver, BC Canada
(604) 253-5578

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