Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Epic Italian Food

Epicurean Deli (as we used to call it) is a spot that I used to frequent while in art school. The coffee is great and the food is fantastic! The Cocco family who runs it is from Rome and their son, Christian, is a charismatic guy who is loves to mingle with all the locals and italian food-lovers in the area. When I'm there I feel like I'm at home. My brother used to work there so he's even tighter with the Cocco's and loves to go pay them a visit whenever he's in town. We shared their arugula and ricotta pasta and an open faced proscuitto sandwich with fresh mozzarella. All the food there is fantastic and their breakfast looked pretty amazing so hoping to get another chance to drop by before I head back to New York.

The Epicurean
1898 1st Avenue West
Vancouver, BC Canada
(604) 731-5370

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