Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh Holy Breakfast Bento!

This was hands down the best find on this trip to Vancouver. Thanks to my friends Kenta and Dan. This secret restaurant is hidden inside this crazy retro hotel/hostel on a very residential strip of 12th Avenue. These Japanese are serving up amazing traditional breakfast bento boxes! I had the grilled salmon one (how very B.C. of me!) which was delicious and salty in its traditional way, the miso soup was wonderful and all the little sides were actually quite unique. Here's a group of guys from the hospital nearby that have also found this local spot. It's really hard to find places outside of Japan that offer a Japanese breakfast, this is the first and only known one so far in Vancouver. I have yet to find one in New York, but think I'll make that my mission now!

1125 12th Avenue West
Vancouver, BC V6H 3Z3, Canada
(604) 742-0234

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  1. I love this place. I really wanted to find a place that does Japanese breakfast in New York but didn't know of any. It should be your mission to find one...I wanna read about it


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