Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Tradition: Joe's Pizza Done BBQ-Style!

Every Saturday night, for my entire life, was Pizza Night at our house. So this Saturday happened to be July 4th (and with Canada Day having just passed July 1st) we celebrated with friends and family at our place and my dad made his pizza! Joe, who's actually name is Giuseppe, is my dad and he is the master in our house at making pizza. When too many people come over he has to move his pizza factory to the garage and makes pizzas among his tools! This is actually convenient since he likes to cook the pizzas on the bbq during the summer time which he sets up near the garage side door. My brother came down from Northern B.C. and helped cook up the pizzas! We all had a great time eating over 10 pizzas and drinking Italian wine! We of course drink red italian wine, usually a Barbara d'Asti, which is where my dad is from in Italy. Cin Cin!

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