Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Kind of Meat

It's so nice to be back in New York although I must say this food was a bit of a shock on my body after my two weeks in Vancouver of eating tons of fish and amazing Japanese food. But nothing like good serious meat once and a while!

A good friend of mine has his birthday dinner here every year at the very famous Peter Luger's steakhouse in Williamsburg. I was excited to finally check it out. Although this place is so NOT in my budget, I made an exception this one time. This is probably one of the most famous steakhouses in the world serving up serious meat since the 1800's. It's got a huge following as you can tell by the lobby which is packed full every night around dinnertime. Since Mario knows this place in and out he did all the ordering. We started with this insane bacon side dish which was ridiculous! Probably the tastiest pig I've ever had! We had the tomato and onion side dish which was very refreshing, and then you smoother it with their homemade bbq sauce. Creamed spinach and fried potatoes were also in the mix. As for the main meat, enough prime rib was ordering for all of us, done medium rare and served sliced up on these huge plates. I think the bone was the size of my head! It was intense but really good! The staff is super old school, with very dry and direct New York attitudes. It's definitely a part of the experience! This is not a place to bring vegetarians or vegans because even the potatoes are fried in animal fat! YUM!

Peter Luger Steak House
178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 387-7400

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