Monday, July 13, 2009

Westcoast Special: Fresh Fried Fish!

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I have been in Vancouver visiting my family and friends. So bear with me while I am out of the country. I am excited to introduce you to some of my local favourite spots here on the west coast. Hope you enjoy!

Those are three F words that should be put together more often! My parents, who live in Tsawwassen (about 30 mins south of Vancouver), have a weekly ritual every Friday night of crossing the border to a place called Point Roberts to get fish and chips and watch the sunset. I crashed their romantic night by joining along to finally taste this tasty fish! Hard to believe that in all my years of coming here, I'd never had their fish and chips! It was awesome, lightly battered with a homemade tartar sauce to die for! So we call ahead, while buying a bottle of white wine at the local supermarket, to order our food to go. We arrive at the Dockside Café just in time to pick it up and drive over to Lighthouse Park to eat, drink wine and watch the sun go down. Because now they had a third person, my dad was excited to throw in the calamari in addition to their usual order of cod and halibut fish & chips! It was great food and a beautiful night to lay on the beach.

Dockside Cafe
713 Simundson Dr
Point Roberts, WA
(360) 945-1206

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