Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sadness in the East Village

My favourite pizza place in New York has closed its doors last week leaving me and many New Yorkers so sad. The pizza here was among the best I've ever had. I had been meaning to blog about it since before I started the blog and sadly I had only made it but 3 times to Una Pizza Napoletana. I never thought it would go away and I always counted on it to be there. The dough is so amazing and airy, it's so special. I called this place "Purist Pizza" because it only had 4 pizza's on the menu and a few wines. No salads, no side, no substitutions... my dream! Each pizza was made with only simple and fresh ingredients, tomatoes, cheese, salt, garlic and olive oil. No sauce. You tasted each ingredient to the fullest and very separately instead of having a saucy mess where all the flavours mix together. It was a very special concept and a true unforgettable experience. I am really sad and wish I had the chance to have it one more time. That said it was probably the most expensive pizza I've ever had, but I never cared, it was always so worth it. Anthony Mangieri, the man behind this pizza has decided to move to San Francisco to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle there and plans to open a new restaurant there sometime in the future.

Una Pizza Napoletana
Now Closed

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  1. Good news for us, then. :) Still reading your blog. Love your photos. Keep up the good work, Laura!


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