Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hide and Go Seek Out That Horse Meat!

Kakurenbou might be one of the only restaurants serving raw horse in Vancouver. I didn't want to miss out an opportunity to eat some fresh sakura-niku (means horse meat)! This was the first time I had eaten it outside of Japan and it was delicious! The menu is not as large as their competing Izakaya restaurants, but I can respect quality over quantity any day. We started with an amazing Caesar, a cocktail which is the "bloody mary" of Canada. It's made with clamato juice instead of tomato juice and Kakurenbou makes their own clamato juice from scratch with a grilled squid skewer to top it off! Besides the raw horse, we had some great dishes: a maguro sashimi, a duck eggplant dish and a very unique tuna sashimi seared on top with rosemary. (not pictured) We also ordered the corn tempura and a mochi gobo pizza! Imagine chewy mochi instead of just cheese, and thinly sliced gobo (burdock root) sliced on top. A very interesting version of pizza to say the least.

793 Jervis Street (nr Robson)
Vancouver, B.C

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